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Use the form below to let us know if you haven't received your order, are missing part of your order, haven't received your digital image, or have any other problem with your order.

Please check to make sure your order was turned in to the school or you placed an order online. We will only be able to correct order problems from orders that were received online or through an order form returned to our studio.

Missing prints or incorrect orders will be returned to your school once reprinted or they may be picked up at our studio at your request. Digital images that have not been received, will be emailed to the one submitted on this form.

Some emails may be filtered out by your email provider. Emails will either come from The Portrait Collection or Zenfolio (the online site that hosts our galleries.)

If you ordered a Fall Portrait Package with the Yearbook option or Yearbook only, please note: Yearbooks will be returned to the school at the end of May.